Many of you finding to visit this site, will perhaps wonder the why of the existence.
It is not rhetorical but I firmly believe that each of us, Albanian of Italy, to be fierce of own origins, should undertake further, for nothing of the ethnic and cultural patrimony to goes be lost because ethnic minority.
And' a homage that I hold both rightful to do to the country that has given me the native and where I live.
A country whose ancient origins of "Albanian Colony", you are never been valorized and the uses and customs, have been forgotten less and less by the same present inhabitants as Arbėrėsh.
The influence unfortunately of the coast "tourism and industrialization", have done him that the new generations didn't even know from where his/her own parents or one of the two originated better.
I would like therefore, also with the help of all those people that own historical news, traditions, customs, etc. to give back to my country the original physiognomy, even though only on these pages.
You because by now it is not more possible to make to relive what, is lost. In all the regions the ethnic minorities, are object of special laws and facilitations so that nothing of the past went lost.
For Campomarino, this is never happened, the ancient Albanian is by now an unknown language for the new generations, only some elderly, pronunciation still words in the ancient language.
Of the uses and customs, it doesn't have more memory.
The few people that have the historical dates on Campomarino, they jealously guard her, as trophies and they don't do anything to make her public and notes to everybody.
I would like to this point to turn a particular thanks to:
prof. Pasquale D.G.
Silvana D.C
for the searches and the publications that have divulged.

to my friend:
Giuseppe Marini
for his one man show initiative to have created the first site on Campomarino and on the history of the present fields of aviation on the territory during the II world war.

To my wife
Ernestina Piscopo
even though "foreign", as they used to say the elderly ones, you/he/she has tried to administer without personal affairs, to make to change this country and to allow everybody of to take advantage of the wealths of the country; unfortunately "for few time"
A thanks anticipated to all those people that will want with their contribution to help this rich site to make me and more and more complete of data.

Giovanni Chimisso