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Italian Version

Also this year, the FEEE,

in the XVIII Edition, has assigned to Italy

the Blue Flag Of Europe

for 2004 to well 90


The Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, (FEEE) has pointed out which are the coast places that can confer upon some recognition in Europe for 2004.

To European level and particularly in the countries of the Mediterranean the common blue flag they are90 in Italy, 89 in Spain; 77 in Greece; 74 in France; 42 in Turkey.

They are at the base of the selection the quality of the acaues of bathing, the purification of the waters reflue, the diversified harvest, furnishes him urban, the initiatives and the environmental education.



  • absolute validity of the waters of bathing according to more restrictive rules of those foreseen by the italian law D.P.R. 470/1982 on the bathing. Only who overcomes this first stair it accesses the following controls;

  • perfect purification of the waters refluent and efficient net sewer, as well as dumps checked on the whole town territory;

  • diversified harvests, vast pedestrian areas, cycle footsteps, green areas, absolute prohibition of access in the beaches of the motorcars;

  • urban furniture, bathing establishments in good maintenance, endowed with all the services and watched over by personnel employed to the rescue;

  • ample space in the courses of environmental education, turned particularly to the young people, facilitations for carriers of handicap, obligatory publicity of the data on the waters I give bathing;

  • hotel structures, services of sanitary public utility (pharmacy, first aid), tourist information, protected areas, adjourned system of signs.